Us at ApexTiresKuwait are here to supply you with top tier import motorcycle parts, accessories & tires for riders on the street as well as racers on the track and drag strip. Plenty of items to choose from offering SAME DAY DELIVERY or delivery in 3 business days for motorcycle parts & accessories and in 9 business days for tires regarding on-demand orders.

It is our goal to provide you with a straightforward and effortless customer experience. We accomplish this by doing what we do best based on our knowledge of motorcycles and racing experience we will help you make the right choice of tire for your bike.

We also specialize in import and export for all your motorcycles needs besides tires such as all types motorcycles upgrade and spare parts which will soon be added to store, followed by the highest quality standard of motorcycle gear to keep you safe on the road and racing track.

  • Ali Ashour

    Ali is our representative in Kuwait.

    He handles:

    • incoming shipments
    • order processing
    • customer support
    • product sourcing & shipping

    As a motorcycle fanatic he has owned multiple bikes and has extensive knowledge of motorcycles.

  • Indigo Soedito

    Indigo is our representative in The Netherlands.

    He handles :

    • export of our motorcycle tires
    • marketing & analytics
    • product sourcing
    • customer support

    As an aspiring marketing agency owner, he is enthusiastic about setting up this platform to provide a solution for motorcycle riders in Kuwait.